In collaboration with other organizations work can be done on a project basis. If your organization wants to do more with the theme “resilience” in the form of a project or if there is a need for a specific resilience-related program tailored to your needs, you can always contact us.

Content projects

The projects focus on strengthening resilience. We find it always important to also look at themes such as humanity as the basis to which people can rebound or grow. Specific attention can also be paid to themes such as trauma and post-traumatic growth.

For whom

Adoption associations, foster care associations, counseling agencies, youth assistance agencies, GGZ institutions, medical centers, educational institutions, refugee assistance, children’s villages, children’s homes, etc. can collaborate with the resilience expertise center. An important aspect of the collaboration is that the cooperation partner has an eye for the theme of resilience in relation to the theme of humanity and what it means to be human in this dynamic and sometimes complex society that every individual is part of.

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Ongoing projects


The resilience expertise center will support Psycare in Valkenburg…

Good Beginnings

The "Good Beginnings" program is aimed at promoting resilience…

The Young Leadership Project

The Young Leadership Project gives young refugeeyouth the opportunity…

Central themes

  • Investments are always made around strengthening relationships between the child, care figures, support figures and his broader social environment as a basis for resilience.
  • The community around the child has an important role and is involved in the project as much as possible
  • The ecological system approach as formulated by Urie Bronfrenbrenner and Michael Ungar form the contextual basis from which the project is embedded as far as possible in the various social layers.
  • Activities must always be realized with explicit attention to themes of social embedding and humanity.
  • Horizontal cooperation and the creation of tailor-made demand-driven services is a prerequisite for arriving at a project.
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