The Resilience Expertise center offers training, training and symposia in working with the Resilience Flower workspace (RFW) or other themes related to resilience and trauma.

Content trainings

During the RFW training, extensive attention is paid to the scientific background of the Resilience Flower framework, the history, the structure and the concrete implementation of the resilience framework in the workplace. In addition, extensive consideration can be given to setting up your own group program or expanding individual counseling sessions aimed at strengthening resilience in children, young people and families. The extensive training covers a total of 3 days. In addition, lectures, workshops and tailor-made courses can also be requested. Themes usually relate to trauma and resilience in general or the Resilience Flower psychological framework in particular. For quotations, we can be contacted through e-mail or phone.


Every organization that applies for an RFW training course will also receive a resilience box

  • 50 minutes
  • 90 minutes
  • 120 minutes
  • 5 consultancies of 50 min


Wilt u dat we met u meekijken naar een casus of heeft u een korte  eenmalige ondersteuningsvraag dan kan u steeds een consult bij ons aanvragen

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