The Resilience Expertise Center develops materials and methods for care providers and parents aimed at strengthening resilience.

Project design

The Resilience Expertise Center develops and offers support for resilience projects


The Resilience Expertise Center offers training and consultations on the cultivation of resilience

Everyone has the potency force resilience

“In the context of exposure to significant adversity, resilience is both the capacity of individuals to navigate their way to the psychological, social, cultural, and physical resources that sustain their well-being, and their capacity individually and collectively to negotiate for these resources to be provided in culturally meaningful ways.” (see also Ungar, 2008 and Ungar, 2011).

Research shows that everyone has the potential for resilience. By this we mean being able to navigate to child-related resources and environmental-related resources that are important for the person in dealing with difficult events. Cultivating the complex interactions between these divers resources in cultivating resilience in children, youth and families, form the main activities of the Resilience Expertise Center. The Resilience Expertise Center honors a vision of humanity by which we believe that humanity has the fundamental task of dealing with the dynamics and complexity of life. To be part of an ever changing environment in an authentic way, being able to connect with others and coping with difficult events is central here.

We support in enlarging force resilience

The Resilience Expertise Center is founded by Drs. Naomi Vandamme (Clinical Psychologist). She and her team develop materials, has a national and international project function and offers training aimed at cultivating resilience in children, young people and families.


Resilience flower work framework

The Resilience Flower work framework is a psychological framework for working on the theme of resilience. It relies on scientific findings within the domain of resilience. The work framework offers a stepping stone to make the theme of resilience tangible in practice. This always against the background of the complexity and dynamics with which the theme resilience is characterized. The flower is used as a metaphor to work in a simple, clear and child-friendly way around resilience. The framework can be used in different contexts. The Resilience Expertise Center often uses the Resilience Flower working framework as the basis of its operations, in which a bio-ecological approach forms the foundation.

Supporting charity

The Resilience Expertise Center supports charitys. Part of the profits from the training and materials are donated annually to the projects of Child-Flower. Child-Flower focuses on increasing the psychological well-being of (orphan) children in Haiti.


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