The Young Leadership Project gives young refugeeyouth the opportunity to work around leadership and positive health. Character building (who am I now), talent building (what can I do), life skills (what am I going to do) and Resilience (how do I get back in my strength) are the four fundamental pillars of the project. Throughout the project, a strength-based approach is central this together with the positive health model from Machteld Huber ( 2012). The Young Leadership Project tries to inspire young refugees to believe in themselves and involves other parties in their talent development, future planning, identity development and social integration. In the Young Leadership project, specific attention is also paid to building a broader network that young people can fall back on: an idea based on African wisdom ‘It takes a village to raise a child’: every person needs others around him in order to develop themselves.

The project is a collaboration between Plinthos, the municipality of Sittard, the Province of Limburg and the Resilience Expertise Center.